Saturday, April 30, 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Z is for Zachariah OHora #AuthorApril

Dear Kim,

We made it! Today is officially the last day of our #AtoZChallenge. I can't think of a better friend to end the challenge with than Zachariah Ohora.

Z is for Zachariah Ohora

We had the pleasure of working with Zachariah on characters this afternoon. He walked us through the creative process that he uses in his wildly popular books. (I don't know about your house, but Momo rules in our house.) It was amazing to learn about his artistic choices and see the way that he infuses quirks and cool into his characters.

Hey, it's MOMO!

Zachariah, and the talented members of the Eastern PA SCBWI, were kind enough to give our #AuthorApril and #AtoZChallenge the ultimate end...


Congratulations, Kim! We made it to Z.

Much Love,