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ALL THINGS WRITING: BOOK DEAL: Final Countdown for AND THEN HE $2.99: It's the Final Countdown for AND THEN HE! Writer friends, time is running out on AND THEN HE's Book Promotion Sale. I won't be a...


I love to share writer love whenever and wherever I can. I also love to help promote fellow authors, so check out this Guest Post & Giveaway.

Love Dies Hard by C.C. Cartwright 
(Billionaire Romance, #1) - Includes Bonus of Love Dies Hard 2
Publication date: May 17th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Love Dies Hard TEASER:
My name is Marcus Hunter. I own Hunter Investments, a billion dollar hedge fund.

I admit it, I’m a total womanizer.  A player, a serial-seducer, call me what you like.

I enjoy a variety of women and I don’t do love.

I work hard, and I play even harder.

I rarely dip into the office pool.  That was until I became intrigued with Sophie Shawn. She is a high-flying money manager like myself and we’ve had to work closely together.

Sophie’s my equal, she’s smart, sharp-witted and of course she has to be sexy-as-hell.

The way she shakes her little ass in her tight, short skirts has me wanting to bury myself deep inside her.

We’re enjoying a drink together after work.

She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to bed her tonight. I want to hear her beneath me begging for more. When I’m done with her she won’t be able to utter a single coherent word.

Little did I know, I would be the one in for a surprise from Miss Sophie Shawn.

WOW! Sounds intriguing AND sexy, right?!?! But who is C.C. Cartwright?!?!

C.C. Cartwright in her own words:
My passions lie in reading and writing sexy contemporary romance novels.  I love writing in the genre I love to read. Personal experiences are often the inspiration for my sexy romances, so you will find a little bit of me in every story I pen. I will leave you to guess which parts are true and which parts are fiction!

Listening to my favorite music while writing inspires me to create my characters and makes their love stories come alive. I believe in writing about heroines who are strong, smart, sassy, sexy and have a sense of humor.

I cherish my family and am a hopeless romantic. I believe in finding your happily-ever-after and that each day is for living, loving and laughing.

C.C. Cartwright Author Links:

Behind the scenes guest post by C.C. Cartwright:

     My Love Dies Hard Series is very near and dear to me, because the inspiration for the Series came from my own personal experiences. I write from the heart, so I become the character while I am immersed in writing her love story. My readers often tell me they experience every emotion the main character is feeling and it thrills me to hear that I’ve accomplished my goals, engaging and captivating my readers with my sexy and romantic love stories. 
     If you read through all of the books in the My Mr. Romance Series and the Love Dies Hard Series, you will see that my characters are often whisked away to a romantic city in Europe. That’s because my love affair with Europe began on my first trip, fresh out of college, visiting eight countries in twenty-five days. It was quite the whirlwind tour, but it opened my eyes to countries rich in history, culture and beauty. London, Paris and Venice are truly the most romantic cities in the world.



If you're still not convinced if you should buy the book... PRESS ME for Love Dies Hard Goodreads link

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Oh, WAIT?!?! I mentioned GIVEAWAY didn't I?!?! Well, here it is and good luck! Love Dies Hard by C.C. Cartwright Giveaway

Check out this sexy New Adult and let know what you think!

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BOOK DEAL: Final Countdown for AND THEN HE $2.99

It's the Final Countdown for AND THEN HE! Writer friends, time is running out on AND THEN HE's Book Promotion Sale. I won't be able to offer a sale again for a while--Amazon rules, not mine, so grab it today!

AND THEN HE for $2.99 Final Sale Link

Still not convinced? Here's the latest reviews:

By Helen M Porter on December 6, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I have never read anything by this Author and I was stunned by how good this book is. 
It is very dark a woman's worstnightmare brought to life. I very seldom rate a book 5 star. 
It must really touch me emotionally. 
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

on December 7, 2015
Just finished this book. I'm exhausted. What a great read. Could NOT put it down. 
Loved it from beginning to end. 
Can't wait to read your next book Kim.

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Kim Briggs

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kim Briggs SLASHED Ebook price on AND THEN HE, her New Adult Dark Thriller!!

For the next two days, Wed., Dec. 2 to Thurs., Dec. 3, Kindle Version of AND THEN HE will be only $.99. (WHAT?!?!?) 

Image result for and then he image

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Happy Shopping!

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Hugs and anticipatory thanks!!

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