Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kim Briggs SLASHED Ebook price on AND THEN HE, her New Adult Dark Thriller!!

For the next two days, Wed., Dec. 2 to Thurs., Dec. 3, Kindle Version of AND THEN HE will be only $.99. (WHAT?!?!?) 

Image result for and then he image

AND THEN..., Fri., Dec. 4 to sometime Saturday, Dec. 5, the price will be only $1.99. (OH YES?!?! I am not joking.) 

AND THEN..., Sunday, Dec. 6 until sometime Monday, Dec. 7th, it will be $2.99. 

AND THEN..., like all things too good to be true, the price will return to $3.99 (STILL A GREAT PRICE, BUT NOT $.99!) 

Best to get your copy, sooner rather than later! Here’s the Amazon link: 

Not sure if you should splurge? Here’s the pitch: An innocent night of flirting with a handsome strangers turns into a nightmare Tiffani can’t escape. AND THEN HE combines sex and evil in all the right ways. Pick up your copy NOW!! 

Happy Shopping!

AND..., can I BEG and GROVEL at your feet for a RATING & REVIEW? I pay in sending good MOJO your way! 

Hugs and anticipatory thanks!!

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