Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Writer Love Letter Loophole

Dear Alison,

I couldn't wait until Monday...

Does this count?

Sharing the writing love one letter,, at a time,

Monday, January 25, 2016

Who Still Writes Letters? Me. That's who.

Dear Kim,

Maybe it is our approaching anniversary or maybe the hearts hanging in every window of the school calling Valentine’s Day to mind, but I’m really into this love letter thing you’ve started.

You know, I think I may have wooed my husband with love letter writing? Be careful. You too might feel the woo.
He kept every letter from the time we lived miles apart in the beginning of our relationship all the way up to, well until the last time I wrote him a note. When was that? *Mental note: send the poor guy a card on Monday.

There’s just something about that Dear salutation on top. The act of licking the envelope, pressing your pen into the now thick layers of paper to write a person’s name, maybe your true love's name, and street address on the outside. It really, is such lovely act.

As you know I was asked to write copy for a website aimed at old-fashioned letter writing. The target audience is partners who may have gotten themselves into a sticky situation. How could I possibly relate? But the product, the apology letter, was something I could get behind and I decided to write the letters, many, many apology letters. Did you read the one I wrote following the request to “Write a letter of apology that is both humorous and sincere of which you have no idea what you (the partner) did wrong”? Now who would need a letter like that?

Did I tell you that my girlfriend Jen started a letter writing project this past November called #projectgratitude? While the name was all sorts of hashtaggy, the concept was anything but. Nothing typed. Nothing sent electronically. Nothing but the real stuff. Some purists even wrote in fountain pen. 

Jen asked us to write letters of gratitude to our real life heroes. She wanted us to think about the letter writing process. Compose our thoughts about writing the letters as well as write the letters themselves. (Blame her background in psychology.) The first letter that I sent was to my parents. Easy, right? I mean I do write them a thank you note after all birthdays-- just like they taught me. But this one was different. The monumental thought of thanking them for everything. Everything. Naming them as heroes. Well the task seemed too much. After I had scrawled Dear Dad and Jeannie across the top of the page I wondered if maybe I picked the hardest heroes to go first? Was there an easier when it came to writing a letter of gratitude? Eventually the letter came. The way writing often does when you just put your heart into it.

My step mom called shortly after receiving the #projectgratitude letter. “We hung it on the fridge,” she said. And then she added, “I put a sticky on it that says, ‘keeper’ so your Dad won’t throw it away.” The letter mattered. It mattered to them, two of the best folks I know and it mattered to me. 

Kim, your letter mattered to me too. Even if it was electronic. Even if a few hundred other people saw it. (Side note: can you believe a few hundred people read it???) It mattered because I know what it takes to sit down and write to someone else. The stop of the day’s rush. The focus on that one person. The heart needed to get the words to come out on paper. It all matters.

I look forward to my next letter TO you, but not nearly as much as my next letter FROM you.

Lots of love,


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dear Alison, I am an octopus.

Hi! Does it seem weird to start with Hi in my first writer love letter to you? It does to me, but in school we were taught to ALWAYS start with a cordial greeting, and I ALWAYS follow the "STANDARDIZED RULES of WRITING." Well, sometimes, I accidentally break one or two rules, but I like Rules. I really do. Well, actually I don't. I'm an octopus when it comes to rules. I don't have eight legs if that's what you're thinking--although that would be REALLY convenient when it comes to writing and texting and eating chocolate and drinking chai. I could probably write two different novels at same time or eight--imagine being able to write EIGHT different novels in one sitting? But alas, I have only one brain, so multiple, simultaneous writing endeavors will just have to wait.


I guess I went a bit off topic there. Where was I? Oh right, I am an octopus when it comes to rules. Shove me in a box or a cage or a room with only a crack of light creeping in from the other side, and I will ooze and push and slither my tentacles into the nonexistent escape route until I'm free. That's not to say I don't know what the Writing Rules are. I do, but like I said, I am an octopus. 

See for yourself. 

Right?!?! I mean it's like the octopus and I are one. I know..., it's kinda creepy but cool too.

So welcome to INK Sisters Write. Thank you for agreeing to join me on this bumpy crazy topsy turvy writing journey. I probably used the most cliche adjectives to describe the road we're on. Okay, let's try it again...

Thank you for agreeing to join me on this HOLY-CRAP-THIS-IS-SCARY-AS-HELL Writing Freeway that closely resembles the GW BRIDGE on a weekday morning...

Image result for GW Bridge

or the LA Highway anytime of day... 

los angeles

Oh yeah, it's way more like LA.   

So thank you, and I look forward to thoughtful, intellectual exchanges where we talk about books and writing and authors and other writerly stuff, and probably sometimes chocolate, and the occasional cupcake.

Sharing Writing Love One Letter at a time,


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sharing the Writing Love with Alison Green Myers

Hi everyone! If you've been hopping around the blogosphere and came across my site, you might have noticed some changes. First, the new name: INK Sisters Write. Then, the new address: Then the disappearance of some pages and the addition of some new pages. Well folks, I'm not always the most regular blogger--shocking I know, but I love the blog and have a lot of fun working on posts, but I needed to find a way to make blogging even MORE fun. The solution was simple: Ask my Ink Sister, Alison Green Myers, to join me and guess what?!?! She agreed to become my online partner in crime. 

Alison and I met at the New York SCBWI Conference in 2012, and we've been together ever since. We call it Writer Love at First Sight, and that's what we plan to do on the blog: share the writing love with each other and all of you! 

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INK SISTERS Donna Boock, Kim Briggs, and Alison Green Myers

So without going total backstory on you, here are the TOP 4 ALISON GREEN MYERS FACTOIDS:

1. Alison writes young adult, the scarier the better. 
2. She LOVES books--from YA to Adult to Middle Grade to Picture Books, so you can expect some thought provoking book reviews. 
3. She's funny. I'm talking really funny, like way funnier than me.
4. She loves chocolate. Thankfully, she prefers milk chocolate, so I don't have to share.

To find out more about Alison, check out OUR BACKSTORY

You should also check: Alison's Website

Say Hi to Alison and stay tuned for future posts!

Write on,
Kim Briggs

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira Book Launch Party

Looking for something fun to do on this rainy day? Our SCBWI EPA adopted member Isabel Bandeira (whom we all affectionately know as Carli) will be at the Barnes and Noble in Marlton, NJ today between 1-3 for her VERY FIRST Book Signing!! WOO HOO!!
Her YA contemporary, Bookishly Ever After is a fun read about romance and love and book boyfriends and real boyfriends! Come down, get your book signed with with Carli and hang out with me!
Hope to see you there!
Write on,
Kim Briggs