Thursday, March 3, 2016

Submissions with Rubin Pfeffer: Ready, Set, Go #NY16SCBWI by Kim Briggs

Dear Alison,

I feel vanquished. We've spent the past week volleying back and forth about Rainbow Rowell and all her awesomeness at the #NY16SCBWI conference. We've talked about scones and her books and more scones, and I promise to try that recipe you gave me in your last letter. Perhaps you too will find the deliciousness I've come to equate scones with, but alas, it's time to leave Rainbow. Though I'm sure we'll return to her again--after all, we will see her in a few weeks here in Northeast PA, and we'll both need to talk about that. I've also devoured her remaining books, and I will need to talk about each book--I'm thinking video. I do enjoy making videos.

So back to #NY16SCBWI. For my afternoon session, I attended Rubin Pfeffer's Ready, Set, Go.

Rubin Pfeffer: Editor/Agent/Superhero? Rubin didn't wear a cape. I didn't notice any wings or x-ray vision, but he is a superhero isn't he? I've heard he works magic in the world of book publishing, a master salesman, a big picture guy, an agent extraordinaire, so Alison, I felt in good hands learning tips of the submission process with Rubin. He broke the Submission Process into 3 steps.

READY: Agent Responsibility:

Assess Content
Enhance Content
Match and Submit content to Editor
Hold Hands
Negogiate the deal
Work on the Next Deal, and the next, and the one after that.

SET: Writer Responsibilities (See picture above)

Know Your Audience
Be Fresh and Innovative
Have a Voice
Offer the Unexpected
Dazzle with Beautiful Language
Connect Emotionally
Be Open
Have a Hook
Be Positive, Open, and Flexible


Decide What Agents You Should Submit to based on their wishlist
Follow the Submission Guidelines
Prepare your manuscript, query letter, and whatever else you might need for submission, and ...

GO: Submit and Good luck!!

Sharing the writing love one letter at a time,