Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Fever: WIP

Spring Fever struck our household hard this week. Bicycles, t-shirts, and 3 feet of snow left. Not everyone's idea of spring, but in the Northeast, we take what we can get. 

As I clear away the Irish lace and the hibernating dust bunnies and my NA WIP draws to a close, I can’t decide what I want to work on next.

What does WIP mean anyway? Writers throw around acronyms like everyone knows what we’re talking about. Sorry, it’s our ‘thing.’ (but FYI, writers tend to have lots of ‘things.’ )

WIP stands for Work In Progress.
And to review,
 NA: New Adult
YA: Young Adult
MG: Middle Grade
PB: Picture Book
SCBWI: Society of Children Book Writers & Illustrators 

As I keep adding to my list, I realize I should add an Acronym Code Page. Hmm, another day.

Spring is about clearing out the cobwebs. 


I house clean for a day, maybe two. Then the urge disappears until next year. But Writing, well, I could write all day, every day, and still long for more time.

Story ideas hit me everywhere--in the car, at the movies, at parent pickup, at the dentist, sleeping, eating, brushing my teeth, in the shower, working out...I think you get the picture. I jot down these mini-bolts of lightning on scrap paper, journals, napkins, and then I let them brew until I'm ready to bring them to life.


So, my question is, what do I work on next?

  • While Starr Fall, my YA Contemporary, is out in the world, searching for a home, do I work on the second one? Does she become the assassin the Organization envisioned? Can Starr and Christian’s love survive?
  • Then there’s the Dystopia that I've let steep for many years. I add to the storyline every month or two. I envision it as a YA, but it could work really well as a NA.
  • Wide Awake is my YA paranormal romance I wrote two years ago, that Harold Underdown suggested I break into three books. It could be NA, just as easy.

Pitch: When Brie takes a fateful spin around an abandoned church, she releases Clayone, the deadliest werewolf of all time and discovers the shocking truth—she’s the only living descendant of the Celtic Goddess Brigit, and Clayone craves her blood.
Brie has until the full moon on October 31st, the eve of Samhaim, to lock Clayone back in the hell he came from or the unbridled reign of the werewolf will begin at last. The full moon’s never looked so terrifying. 

  • I have a MG story that I add to all the time about a life skills student who finds his voice.

  • And a load of other ideas. Some more formed than others, but ideas nonetheless.
What project sounds good to you? Or do you have an idea you’d love to read about?

How do you come up with your ideas?

What projects do you decide to work on?

What is your WIP? I’d love to hear about them!


Write on,