Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Goodbyes and September New Beginnings

Dear Alison,

I'm sorry. I know it's been a loooonnnngggg time since I last blogged. It didn't start out intentional. In the beginning of August, it was more "I'm out in the wilds of the Adirondacks without a signal and did I mention I'm camping and hiking and playing in the woods?" Then, as you know, our family experienced a potentially traumatic incident involving my middle daughter on a Friday and an extremely traumatic incident with my youngest daughter the next day. That Friday, we witnessed a small miracle, but on Saturday, well on Saturday, we became Believers in Miracles because there is no other explanation for what happened. I tried to write a post about it as you suggested. I know writing is healing, but right now, I'm still too fragile. The wounds of my psyche too fresh.

August also included the circle of life ending for Cody, my youngest daughter's lesson horse. (Yes, the poor thing lost one of her best buds too...You can cry if you want. I certainly did.) Cody entered our hearts with a neigh and a trot over for treats and scratches. He was the first horse we've meet that truly enjoyed our company and wanted us there. To say he was a special horse is a gross understatement.

So goodbye Cody, may you always lope in green pastures with a belly full of treats. You will always be in our hearts.

Oh and you know what else happened in August? Donna, our INK Sister moved to Alaska. Well, no that's not true. There's no way Donna would step foot in Alaska--too much possibility of snow and moose and large bears. She also despises the cold. Despises I tell you. No Donna plotted and schemed for years to move to Florida. She's now soaking in the hot, stifling hot (Donna, it's REALLY hot in Florida. Don't you want to reconsider?) rays of the sun. The snow and cold of Northeast PA is a distant memory.

Lucky for us, our INK Sister will keep in touch with us via Skype or Google and texting, because we can't live without texting each other ALL the time. She's also creating a Harry Potter bookish getaway for us to pamper ourselves when we need some Donna-time. (Donna, you did tell Andrew about the hot tub and spa he's adding, along with the Hogwarts Express train from my house to yours?)

To Donna, our beloved INK Sister...

We share a love for desserts, specifically those of the icing kind.

She loves a good book or two or three.
She's the best Ducktective 'round these parts. She's always ready to quack the case.

Our last time together before the Big Move. Of course there was cake involved.

And my favorite picture of all...

Goodbye Donna! We miss you and can't wait to see you soon (like tomorrow, I heard roundtrip tickets are pretty cheap right now...)

As for August, I am SOOOOOOO over you. 

HELLOOOOOO September!! I can't wait to get started!! 

Alison, my wounds are healing. I'm back to fiction writing and my daughters and the rest of the family have returned to bouncing around and sucking the marrow out of life. They're also back to school (so more writing time for me!!)

Oh and don't forget, in fact EVERYONE mark your calendars RIGHT NOW: Next Friday, September 9, is the exciting cover reveal for Starr Fall, my young adult romance scheduled for release in November with InkSpell Publishing. Next Friday will also include giveaways and the pre-order buy links will be up (You KNOW you want to be the first to order) and there will be cake, cyber cake for most of you, real cake for me. 

So Alison, until my next letter and I promise not to take so long,