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Pricing School Visits: YIKES!

Dear Kim (and friends!), Yikes. Oh boy. Holy moly. I am not ready for THIS... I should clarify. The visit. The actual school visit. I AM SO READY FOR THAT. As a former classroom teacher, literacy coach, and school director, this is my dream, baby. Taking a book that I wrote and using all of the teachery wonderfulness from my years in the classroom- yes and YES! Sign me up. (No, really, sign me up .) I've made teacher guides. Book-pairing lists. (Thanks, Bookish Ambition for getting me started.) I have a flyer detailing the assembly and workshops. I've painted thousands of rocks for the pre-k to grade 2 art projects and bound hundreds of journals for the grades 3-5 book making. Kids have even practiced the activities. All is good, right? Until the first phone call with a PTA president. And she says, "How much do you charge?" Pause. Pause. Sweaty. Pause. "Hello, Ms. Green Myers. Are you there?" I'm here, but bar