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Kim Briggs Interview with WOW

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 **Read it here or go to the link:   Interview With Fall 2013 Flash Fiction Contest Third Place Winner, Kim Briggs Posted by Chynna at 8:49 AM I am very excited to have been the one to chat with our third place winner, Kim Briggs, in the 2013 Fall Flash Fiction Contest. Her gripping story, Deadly Cocktail , held me captive from beginning to end. And she’s got some wonderful insight and advice for you Young Adult/New Adult writers out there. If you haven’t read her story yet, check it out here then come on back for our interview. This is one you don’t want to miss! It took Kim a double Bachelors, a Masters, three kids, and a house full of laundry before she realized what she really wanted to be when she grew up: a writer. Kim finds time to write in the early mornings, late nights, and stolen moments throughout the day. She surv

HOT TOPICS: Drool at the Moon by Kim Briggs

The werewolf. These terrifying creatures haunted our dreams every full moon. We locked our doors and slept with silver daggers. And who could blame us. I mean look at J.K. Rowling's version of the werewolf. Professor by day, monster by night. But Werewolves have evolved into something a hell of a lot more scary, but in all the right ways. Modern victims crash into walls, drown in her own pool of drool, and commit random acts of insanity.  Instead of hair in disturbing and unusual places,   TO They're lovable balls of fur with muscles in all the right places. Werewolves change shape, the ultimate shape-shifter. The process of the change is painful and most often occurs as a result of the full moon, but not always. In The Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater, the main character, Grace, watches a pack of wolves every winter from her bedroom window, but when the snow melts and the flowers bloom, the wolves disapp

Sophomore Year: Best Year Ever! by Kim Briggs

Freshmen are new to high school. They have no idea what high school means and they're just trying to get through the day. Plus they still have traces of that hyperactive middle school-er who is still growing into their body. Juniors know exactly what's expected of them and just how far they can push the limits without getting in trouble. Seniors are done with the drama. They're counting the days to graduation. Sophomores --Best Year Ever. All sorts of exciting things happen Sophomore year: First job First Driver's Permit  First Real Dates with someone who Drives. Read AMAZING books: Catcher in the Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird, Monster, One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, Into the Wild. ..  They start to find their place in the Social Hierarchy of High School. Jock. Band Geek. Brainiac. Artist. Goth. Politician. Rebel.   They more or less figure out what's expected of them academically and behaviorally. **Whether they choose to follow

Thursday Rambles: A Tisket, A Tasket

Wednesday is hump day. Friday is fun day, but what is Thursday? It's the day of the week, that tires me out the most, especially this week. I stayed up way too late trying to get writing stuff done, nothing fun mind you, and then I found out the school scheduled me to work this Wednesday and Thurday--forgot to block the days out as Writing Days. Gross oversight on my part. I already blocked out next week:) I can't wait until Thursday is over and I can veg out and watch my Thursday night shows--Vampire Diaries and Reign. Thursday nights have been my official TV nights since Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld...need I say more?!?! Anyway, I LOVE to laugh. It makes me feel good and it makes me happy. Here's a few tidbits to get you through your Thursday. This Quote makes me laugh every time I read it. I'm a geek, I know. This quote explains why I defend my writing time with a pitchfork and a shovel. And I leave you with this eye candy to get you through your Thurs

BOOK RAP: Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini

Oh, before I begin, if you aren't signed up to follow All Things YA and NA via email or rss feed, SIGN up now. It'll make it easier for you to keep up with blog events and stories, because I have A LOT of interesting and fun and amazing posts planned for the future. So, SIGN up. Yesterday, I interviewed YA Author Kimberly Sabatini, the author of Touching the Surface. So now you are in LOVE with her and seriously, who wouldn't be?!?! And maybe you already went out and bought her book, Touching the Surface . If you did, give yourself a pat on the back and HAPPY Dance with me!! But maybe you still need some more convincing before you hit the BUY NOW button. ICING on the CAKE : I will select a random person from my email list to receive a free COPY of Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini. You CAN'T pass up that DEAL Okay, here's Touching the Surface's inside book flap and Amazon's Book Pitch : Experience the afterlife in this lyrical, paranorm

Up Close and Personal with YA Author Kimberly Sabatini

I met Kimberly Sabatini at the NY SCBWI Conference this year. She's fun, she's young, she loves life, and she's the author of the YA novel, Touching the Surface.        You were a teacher, right? What came first, the teacher or the egg, er, I mean writer? The teacher came first, before the act of being a writer, but not before the desire to be one. The truth is, I never believed myself capable of being something so mysterious and wonderful as a legitimate writer. Contemplating a writing career was like asking if I wanted to grow up and be a unicorn tamer some day. It didn ’ t feel possible. But teaching was something very familiar—I’d spent my whole life in classrooms observing the job and the people who did it. I don’t mean it to sound as if I didn’t love being a teacher. I loved those kids like crazy and I was  particularly good at working with kids with behavioral challenges, but I’m not sure I would have chosen that profession if I thought being a w