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WRITE HABIT: #NYSCBWI15 Seven Things You Need To Know About Writing YA Fiction with Razorbill Editor Liz Tingue

Liz Tingue is an editor at Razorbill, Penguin Young Readers Group. She edits YA to picture books, including the Falling Kingdoms series by  New York Times  bestselling author Morgan Rhodes,  The Way We Bared Our Souls  by Willa Strayhorn, the  New York Times  bestselling picture book  Marcel the Shell with Shoes On  by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, and  Zodiac  by Romina Russell, which was named one of Amazon’s best books of December.  She broke her talk into Acts with the Seven Things You Need to Know about Writing YA Fiction woven in. Check it out: ACT I: Getting Started 1. DO Read A LOT, but DON’T only Read YA.   It's crucial to keep up with major trends and players of the YA world—but don’t limit yourself. Seek inspiration in Adult fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoirs, and biographies. STUCK IN A RUT?  Join/create a book club Expose yourself to diff voices and POV  KIM TIP:  just don’t expose yourself be

WRITE HABIT: #NYSCBWI15 Friday Intensive Editor Panel: “Great Books Happen Through Revision”

OR The Long Title: How to Incorporate Revision Notes in Your Manuscript  (I like mine better) Moderated by Author, Martha Brockenbrough By Friday afternoons, most of us fizzle and droop after a long week. We're ready to shed our work clothes for our yoga pants and sweatshirts. For attendees of the conference, we already sat through a morning Agent Panel and two Group Intensives, but rather than sneak away for a caffeinated beverage, we gathered back in the ballroom for the Final Editor Panel.  I LOVED this session. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. The Editors got along brilliantly. They were smart, funny, and nice, oh so nice. They LOVE books as much as we do, and they understand that it's tough being under the microscope--but a wonderful, marvelous, amazing relationship could turn an ordinary book into something extraordinary, provided we remember they're regular people just like us. (Sometimes Cliche adjectives get the point across! Catch my drift:) Sara Sargen t,

WRITE HABIT: #NYSCBWI15 Conference: Friday Intensive Agent Panel

For my third New York SCBWI conference, I decided to participate in the Friday Intensives, and I am so glad I did. The optional day at both the New York and the LA conference was money well spent.  BEST TIP: i  urge you to spring for the extra day--the industry tips and craft insight addressed are unique to that day. I've sat through a number of Editor and Agent Panels, and the optional day Panels outshine the main conference Panels. *It's a much smaller group and therefore, they're probably more relaxed.   BELIEVE IT OR NOT : Agents and Editors are people too, and a room filled with 1,200 writers and illustrators is intimidating. I don't care who you are or how many times you've presented--butterflies work overtime! Wendy Loggia from Random House moderated Agents Panel.  INTERESTING NOTE: At Random House, there is no cap on the number of projects they can acquire. Wendy is sweet, approachable, and LOVES her books. Rosemary Stimola , S

WRITE HABIT: #NYSCBWI15 Editors Panel: Children's Books 2015: Report from the Front Lines

So I learned a LOAD of useful information on the 2015 State of Children’s Books from an Amazing Editors Panel at the NY15SCBWI Conference. Check out what the experts had to say. J ustin Chanda , VP & Publisher of Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 3 imprints of S&S BEST ADVICE: “We’re growing generations of readers.” MY TAKE: Start them young and they will read with you for life!! Laura Godwin , VP & Publisher of Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, Imprint of Macmillian, 5 imprints She thinks we’ll see a Picture Book Renaissance, and here’s why: picture books are on the upswing. Social media allows authors to push their own books and other books—it’s great publicity for everyone all around. MY TAKE: I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again and again. Writers and Illustrators are soooo GREAT and FRIENDLY. We are ALL in this together, so lets spread the word!! Beverly Horowitz , VP & Publisher, Dela