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Did I make you laugh? Good. Now, if that's not dedication to the SCBWI Eastern PA chapter, I don't know what is. Becoming part of a writing organization is second to none. You make friends, you network, you meet agents, editors, authors, illustrators, potential critique group partners, other writers AND you laugh! My, how you laugh!!! Check out our local SCBWI EPA Chapter Website:  for upcoming events .   Hit the local chapter's blog here *Don't forget to follow us to keep up to date on the latest and greatest happenings in SCBWI Eastern PA And like our page on FACEBOOK: SCBWI Eastern PA Chapter:  ) Become a part of your local chapter and you might just make the next video! Write on, Kim

Thursday Rambles: An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, Me again. I see you're still with Jack Frost. Last week, I praised you for trying to make your relationship with Jack work. I even encouraged you to take a break someplace warm, maybe even get a mani/pedi. You didn't take my subtle hint, so now, I'm left with no choice but tell you the truth about JACK FROST. Newsflash, Jack is cheating on you. He's been seen up and down the East coast. I heard he's also hit the Midwest, the Deep South, AND the West Coast, blowing his blizzards and icy winds up women's skirts and through men's toupees, and my Canadian friends told me he's been there too. Back in December, I caught him sitting on Santa's lap. They were having a right jolly chuckle about something. Did you get that Diamond engagement ring you were hoping for? I didn't think so. Remember when he disappeared December 24 and he didn't show up until days later with confetti and silly string spilling out of his pockets? Di

And Then He Teaser: My NA Dark Thriller by Kim Briggs

And Then He PROLOGUE I blame the second glass of wine or maybe the third. The third was a bad idea, but it’s too late for regret. The end is almost here and I welcome it. CHAPTER1      The first sip hits the cold hard pit in my stomach like a shot of heat lightning. The second wraps its arms around the knot in a loving embrace. By the third, a warm fuzziness travels from my chest down my limbs to my fingertips and toes. I close my eyes in a state of bliss, savoring the quiet before the inevitable storm that I must face without my boyfriend or my best friend by my side.   “Refill?”                                               “Uh-huh,” I nod, as I open my eyes to the dark brown irises of the bartender. The color reminds me of my favorite chocolate bar, savory and irresistible. He lifts up a bottle from under the bar. The cork makes a loud ‘pop.’ Like one of Pavlov’s dogs, my mouth waters. Then I catch a glimpse of a rigorous patch of dark chest hair just below h

HOT TOPICS: Love at First Bite by Kim Briggs

In 1987, the Lost Boys  Vampires bit me. My love for the blood suckers was tempered only by my lust for Jason Patrick and his profound desire to stay human.  Then Interview with The Vampire came along in 1994. The movie only added to my Vampire LOVE. Tom Cruise (albeit a creepy and startling blonde version of my Top Gun stud) and Brad Pitt, need I say more? Actually I do, AND Antonio Banderas all played dark, haunted, twisted vampires.    Anne Rice's published Interview with The Vampire in 1976. I drool over it whenever I go to Barnes and Noble because the cover is so darn cool. Seriously, look at it. You know you want one, admit it. Through all my movie watching and book reading, I've discovered that there are no set rules for Vampires. The Lost Boy Vampires sleep in a cave and hang upside down by their claws. Garlic doesn't bother them, but Holy Water sure burns the heck out of their skin, and a wood stake to the heart means c