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WRITE HABIT: #NYSCBWI15 Seven Essentials You Need to Know about Mysteries and Thrillers with Ben Rosenthal, Senior Editor, Katherine Tegen Books by Kim Briggs

Ben Rosenthal, Senior Editor, at Katherine Tegen Books  gave some fantastic tips about how to write Mysteries and Thrillers, and I want to share them with you because it shouldn't be a thrilling mystery to learn helpful tips to make your writing stronger. Here goes: 1. Killer First Lines and First Pages HOOK them from the first line. Reader will have no other option but to keep reading. CREATE intrigue factors: What happens next?    ENGAGE the readers: Keep them reading DISTINCT VOICE 2. Heroes and Villains  (Ha! HaHa…!!! Sinister laughter necessary) PROTAGONISTS: CREATE hero by creating tiers of empathy.  Your job is to convince reader to KEEP READING!! DEVELOP a hero with admirable and attractive qualities AND flaws too in order to ground them in reality. ANTAGONISTS:  CREATE an equal match to your Protagonist. *Nothing creates more tension than the reader feeling the villain might win. 

LIFE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Take 1 by Kim Briggs

As writers, we constantly work on our craft. We attend workshops where we dig into the heart and soul of our novels. We zip through writing exercises at home to ensure we yank our readers into our gripping tale. We read books, lots of them. We spend hours upon hours upon hours writing and revising. But what happens once our book goes to publication? Sure, our royalty checks will keep us living on chocolate bars and chai lattes for the next few weeks, or if we sell enough copies, months, but unless you're J.K. Rowling or James Patterson, you need to take your show on the road. You'll make your rounds at the local schools and libraries. Then your circle will grow and you'll drive a little further or you'll fly. You'll hit the book tour circuit, signing books for all your adoring fans.  You might even get invited to speak at a conference. First, you'll think JACKPOT! Then, you'll think...OH NO, WHAT DID I DO?     Because now, you're in the spotlight..