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                                     GENRE: Young Adult Contemporary Science Fiction Thriller (I think I just made that up but it works.) N.K. Traver is awesome. First, she took her knowledge as a computer programmer and combined it with her talent as a writer and voila’ Duplicity was born. Second, because she mentee’d Alison Green Myers, my kick ass Ink Sister in #PitchWars. Alison sings her praises and I do pretty much whatever Alison tells me to do;) Traver nails the Male Protagonist Point of View (POV) in Duplicity —and I don’t admit that often. I scrutinize dialogue, body language, and inner monologue when a female/male writes the opposite genders POV. Most times when an author tries a different gender he or she uses stereotypical characterizations that make me cringe, but when the author gets it right? Well, that’s time for a Happy Dance.     I heard murmurings of a hacker/cyber purgatory prior to Duplicity. I was intrigued by this m


YOUR PAST, YOUR PRESENT, YOUR FUTURE **For the sake of brevity, I’m not going to give a Grammar lesson on all the sub-categories of tenses, but I will discuss each tense and provide a few examples of when it’s used well, as well as, useful tips to take your writing to the next level. PAST TENSE Most books, both fiction and nonfiction, tend to be written in the PAST TENSE. It began thousands of year ago with when hunters returned home with their kill slung over their shoulders. Following the feast, villagers sat around the bonfire and listened to stories about the hunt, and so began our oral tradition of retelling a past event. Eventually, inspiration struck, and someone decided to record these stories. First through pictures, then through words. If you pick up a book, whether it’s from the bookshelf at home, at the library, at the story, from your neighbor’s coffee table, it’s probably written in the PAST TENSE. It’s a writer’s GO TO POV. Rainbow Rowell weaves past

AND THEN HE Book Launch Happy Hour with Author KIM BRIGGS

I've been shamelessly promoting my new adult dark thriller, AND THEN HE, and I appreciate all of YOU dealing with me, so I want to invite you to my AND THEN HE Book Launch Happy Hour. Anyone can attend--it's online. All you have to do is LIKE my KIM BRIGGS, AUTHOR Facebook page and then post a picture of your favorite cocktail--and it can be a mocktail. I don't discriminate. If you jump through these easy hoops, you might just win an autographed copy of AND THEN HE and a sexy swag bag filled with all sorts of goodies. (I'm sure I've mentioned my love of chocolate...)   I promise I won't overload you with a zillion posts a day--the page just gives me another way to reach out to all of you and share the Writerlove! To attend AND THEN HE Book Launch Happy Hour Press Me Looking forward to seeing you! Write on, Kim


My new adult thriller, AND THEN HE, went up for sale on Amazon on Thursday.  PRESS ME To Buy AND THEN HE It's exciting to watch my sales rise as more people buy my book. It'll be even better when they rate AND THEN HE and leave a comment. (OR worse, but let's be optimistic, shall we?) I'm also hosting AND THEN HE Book Launch Happy Hour, and by the way, YOU, yep YOU, are invited and so are all your friends.  PRESS ME FOR PARTY INFO  , I'm ready to move on to the next project--I'm always thinking about the next project and the project after that, and so on, and so forth. My creative process resembles something like this:        And  1. INSPIRATION An idea, a dream, a vision, or an image pops into my head. I might be talking to a friend, I might be at one of my kids events, I might be sleeping (that happens often), or I might be working on one or two other projects, when suddenly my eyes glaze over and I shift

AND THEN HE by Kim Briggs is LIVE!!!!!!

GUESS WHAT?!?! AND THEN HE, my New Adult Dark Thriller is live. Live BABY! You have the choice to purchase the ebook or the paperback version. To Buy AND THEN HE press me!! Oh please, please, please my dedicated readers and friends, please rate AND THEN HE and leave a comment. It means so much to me! Write on, Kim


My New Adult Thriller, AND THEN HE cover reveal… Excited? Turned on? Interest peaked? Good. The Book should go live soon. Just waiting for Final Go Ahead from Amazon. Get Ready. Write on, Kim Briggs


Times are a changing. Big things are happening in my writing life. My New Adult Thriller, And Then He, debuts Thursday on Amazon. Don’t worry—you’ll hear ALL about it. I will be shamelessly plugging myself on every social media outlet I’m a part of.  Don’t miss the cover reveal tomorrow. It’s sure to warm you up on a brisk fall day. Hell, you might even overheat. But there’s also more to my writing career then New Adult and Young Adult fiction writing. My writing and reading interests run the gamut of categories and genres—that’s why I’ve decided to change the name of my blog to ALL THINGS WRITING. I’m excited about the change. REALLY excited. ALL THINGS WRITING will allow me to interview and cheerlead for all my writing and illustrator buddies, and I’ve got A LOT of them. It’ll also gives me the opportunity to talk about different issues that don’t fit the old blog. So, get ready because big things are coming your way! Write on, Kim Briggs