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AND THEN HE for $.99 & A Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Alison,

It's my birthday AND the book birthday for AND THEN HE, my new adult psychological thriller.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, AND THEN HE is only $.99 for the next few days AND THEN it jumps to $1.99 AND THEN returns to its regular $2.99 price (which is still a great deal in my book...)

Amazon Buy Link

AND do you know what would be an even better present for my birthday, a review of AND THEN HE. Reviews sell books, AND the more reviews a book receives on Amazon the more Amazon will help promote it. (They're fickle that way.) Goodreads is also a FABULOUS place to add your review. Since I'm groveling for reviews you can even go to Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Yes, any place you add your review is a place for more people to see it.

I made Goodreads really easy for you:


Alison, you left me for a few weeks. You didn't text, you didn't email, and you didn't tweet--I'm proud of you for going off the grid. Sometimes we need to recharge and the best way to achieve full power is to unplug. But I missed you and you missed some stuff. Most of the stuff is unimportant, but some is worth mentioning (or watching).

Here's a video I uploaded to my Kim Briggs Write Facebook page after the Unmask the Romance event. I get weepy and appreciative and all 'let's hug it out.'

So Alison, I missed you and I'm glad your back. Today, I plan to eat cake and drink chai and read books and snuggle with my kids. That's a perfect birthday in my book.

Sharing the writing love one letter (or video) at a time,

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