Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why YA?

I tend to write in a YA voice. It comes naturally. Not sure why.
         Maybe I never grew up.
              Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment and want to repeat my same
              mistakes over and over again.
                          Maybe I remember what it's like to be young and free and full of

I spent a lot of time in high school. No, I didn't repeat a year--4 years and I was out of there, but I taught American Lit to Freshmen, Sophomores, and the occasional Junior and Senior, who did fail once or twice. I watched them rise and fall and rise again.
High School is all about firsts.
First boyfriend, first kiss, first job, first car...
It is amazing and terrifying, beautiful and tragic.

Everyone remembers high school--for better or for worse.
                       No one wants a...

But there are moments we want to relive for the rest of our lives.

That's why I write YA.