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Dear Alison and friends,

Life is always busy. Always. This fall added a new level (or two or three) of barely contained chaos but sports seasons are ending, the chocolate supply is replenished, and we're beginning to tuck in for the long winter ahead. 

One project I'm particularly proud of is raising money for Lori Fucci. Lori has spent the last ten years paying it forward. She's spent the last four of those years with cancer, and not just one type of cancer, 4 of them. Count them 1, 2, 3, 4 types of cancer. She's currently halfway through her latest round of chemo, but she can't work and she's a single mom of one very active twelve year old. Did I mention her partner died last spring...Yeah, that happened to Lori too, but nothing stops Lori. She's raised over $30,000 for local youth and community organizations. Now, it's our turn to help her. A few of us started a Generosity campaign for Lori and her son. Generosity is like GoFundme but better. It's takes less processing money, so people who need it get more, because friends, they need more. A LOT MORE.

On Sunday, October 22, we're hosting a Homerun Derby, Punt Pass and Kick and Silent Auction for Lori at our school, if you live in Northeastern PA PLEASE come! It'll be LOADS of fun! 

And thank you in advance for your generosity in helping the amazing Lori Fucci! 

Hurricanes have hit, fires have ravaged, but there is a lot of good going on in the world. People are helping people every day, but sometimes, it's good to escape, and escaping into books is my favorite place to go. I've read several of Inkspell Author M.S. Kaye books, and I LOVE them. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE them. Today I get to reveal her next cover...

FOREVER THE STORM, Taken Series Book 3 by M.S. Kaye
A part of me saw her as a delicate beauty that needed protecting. But she wasn't a flower that gets torn apart in a storm; she was the storm.
Before it’s over, someone will die.
Attacks are coming from all sides: arrests, sabotage, picketing, even being framed for murder. Who is the invisible force behind it all? 
And what secrets has Joe Bishop been keeping about both Adriane’s and Alec’s pasts?

FOREVER THE STORM is available November 4th!

Preorder to start ready the moment it drops on your device!

To find out more about M.S. Kaye: Find suspense and the unusual at

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Please help Lori knock cancer out the park the check out M.S. Kaye's new book!

Write on,

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