Thursday, June 16, 2016

Find Beauty Everywhere You Look!

Dear Alison,

Your letter on Tuesday Love and Hope and Children's Books spoke to me in just the way I needed it to. I found love and hope in your letter, and beauty too. Beauty surrounds us, and if we let it, beauty will pull us into a tight embrace.

So Alison, I want to share with you some beauty I discovered during a recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA.

The human body in all its forms...

Pablo Picasso's Head of a Sleeping Woman

The swirling dripping beauty of a night...

Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night

The beauty of a memory including all the jagged painful edges because those wounds led us to the path we travel today...
I forgot to take a picture of the artist name plate and I couldn't find it in my searches. If you know it, please leave a comment.
(It reminds me of a book in one of my favorite book and movie series.)
Beauty in all it's complexity even in times of violence and upheaval...

Umberto Boccioni The City Rises

A beautiful reflection...Look in the mirror, you'll find beauty too.

Pablo Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror

One of my most beautiful works in progress...

A budding artist studying the 150 hundred year old sketch book of Edgar Degas 

Beauty surrounds us. May beauty embrace you too. 

Where do you find beauty?

Sharing the writing love one letter at a time,