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WRITE HABIT: #NYSCBWI15 Conference: Friday Intensive Agent Panel

For my third New York SCBWI conference, I decided to participate in the Friday Intensives, and I am so glad I did. The optional day at both the New York and the LA conference was money well spent. 

BEST TIP: i urge you to spring for the extra day--the industry tips and craft insight addressed are unique to that day. I've sat through a number of Editor and Agent Panels, and the optional day Panels outshine the main conference Panels. *It's a much smaller group and therefore, they're probably more relaxed.  

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Agents and Editors are people too, and a room filled with 1,200 writers and illustrators is intimidating. I don't care who you are or how many times you've presented--butterflies work overtime!

Wendy Loggia
from Random House moderated Agents Panel. 

INTERESTING NOTE: At Random House, there is no cap on the number of projects they can acquire.

Wendy is sweet, approachable, and LOVES her books.

Rosemary Stimola, Stimola Literary Agency

She receives between 50-75 queries/day. She looks at them at the end of her day. 
So make yourself STANDOUT . 

BEST TIP: Debut writers can be an advantage. No track record. No sales history. 
She enjoys the process of starting with someone and watching her grow. She loves finding that NEW client that makes her feel all SPARKLY. (Her words, not mine—But I love her already.)

QUERY ADVICE: If she says NO to you, it’s a no. Six months later: still a NO. 1 year after that: still NO.

John Cusick,Agent with Greenhouse Literary Agency

Image result for John Cusick

He receives between 20-30 queries/day. He looks at them in the evenings/weekends.
Make him laugh.

BEST TIP: Start with Amazing First Line

QUERY ADVICE: Even if he said ,“No,” to one project, he’s fine with receiving new projects from the same person. He likes that you think enough of him to send new projects his way.

Molly Ker Hawn, Agent with the Bent Agency

She receives between 150-200 queries/week. She reads them ALL herself, usually first thing in the morning with her tea.
So make her smile and try not to be TOO loud first thing:)

BEST TIP: You worked HARD on your MS. Your query should be just as Good.

QUERY ADVICE: Give her something she needs to know what happens. 

*She likes receiving new projects from prior submitters. It shows your resilience. Writers MUST be resilient.

KIM QUERY TIP: Before you submit, go to the Agents' websites and find out what types of books they represent. Cruise around twitter and find out what their interests are. I call this cyberstalking--but you know, in a good way:) THEN, and ONLY THEN, if you think that Agent is a good fit--meaning, he or she represents the type of book you've written, FOLLOW the submission guidelines. You get ONE chance to make an impression, so make it COUNT.  

Good luck and Write on,

Kim Briggs

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